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Todi-week, 23-30 June 2018 – Ecology of Mind and Matter

Preliminary program

All lectures include discussion; the afternoon is reserved to workshops (with Wednesday afternoon free). Breakfast till 9.00, lunch at 13.00, dinner at 20.00 in the Hotel Bramante.

Friday June 22, afternoon
registration at the Hotel Bramante. Evening: getting together dinner buffet.

Lectures and general plan

(participant: speakers – except for the first and last day) are introduced by students. If you wish to be one of these presenters, say so in the registration form, specifying which speaker. This means you will also be the chairman of the presentation, whereby you may need energy and authority.

Saturday June 23
starting with life

Opening of the week (P.L.Luisi), and music introduction
09.15 – 10.15
Opening lecture by David Steindl-Rast, Benedictine monk, Ithaca, USA, The mystery of Life
10.15 – 11.15
David Lorimer, writer and educationalist, Science and Consciousness, Spirituality and Death
11.15 – 11.45
Coffee break
11.45 – 13.00
Students interview main speakers
(participant: if you wish to be one of the interviewers, say so in the registration)
15.00 -16.30
Presentation of the workshop leaders (5 min. each)
Coffee break, participants enroll in the workshops, first workshops
Nino Galloni, Economist, From Shells to Bitcoins
“Selfie” of the participants: six-seven participants, in ca. 7 min. each, tell us who they are and what they want to do in life
(participant: if you wish to be one of the presenters, say so in the registration)
Organ concert by Jörg Rasche (Chiesa della Conciliazione, Todi)

Sunday June 24
Ecology of Law , Mind and Matter

Ugo Mattei, Professor of International law, The Ecology of Law: Toward a Legal System in Tune with Nature and Community
Stuart Kauffman, Theoretical biologist Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Complexity today
Coffee break
Joerg Rasche, former President C.G. Jung German Society, Berlin, Germany, Music and Matter: About the co-ontogenetic dance and the algorithms of mind
Ottavio Rosati, psycho-dramatist Roma, Psychodrama in our new world
Antonio Bonaldi, Slow Medicine; a systemic approach to healthcare

Monday June 25
Mind and Consciousness

Cliff Saron, Neuroscientist, Center for Mind and Brain, University of California, Davis. What neuroscience can and cannot tell us about meditation: lessons from the Shamantha Project
Michel Bitbol, Husserl Archive, CNRS/Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, Schrödinger and the Upanishads
Coffee break
On consciousness, “tri-alogue” M. Bergonzi, A. Sabbadini, F. Faggin, 25 min. each, their mutual answers for 15 min, then general discussion.

Chairman: Michel Bitbol

Tuesday June 26

(This part of the Todi-week is in collaboration with the Italian Association Bioarchitettura. This Association is responsible for the Master in bio-architecture hosted by the Lumsa University in Rome).

Marko Pogacnik, Artist and author, Geomantic and the matrix of life
Joachim Eble & Witti Mitterer, Professors of architecture,
Architecture: integral & sustainable building to a better living
Coffee break
Students round table discussion on “How do I see The house and the city of Tomorrow?
(participant: if you wish to be one of the presenters, say so in the registration)

Wednesday June 27
Aspect of Spirituality

Andreas Weber, Author, Matter and Desire,
Renuka Singh, Professor of Sociology, Indian Women: Spirituality and Sexuality
Coffee break
The Cello of Barbara
Students Round table discussion on science/spirituality
(participant: if you wish to say your opinion here, say so in the registration. The main questions are: How to maintain human dignity in a world of technology? and: Do we need spirituality to live in todays’ world?)

Thursday June 28
The world of the East, & the world of Mythology

Vittorio Capecchi, Professor Emeritus of sociology, The I Ching
Erika Maderna, Archeologist & Elena Macellari, Botanist, Comparative Mythology
Coffee break
selfies of the participants (7 minutes each)
(participant: if you wish to be one of the selfie presenters, say so in the registration)
Annual Assembly of the Cortonafriends Association

Friday June 29
Panorama on new frontiers of Science and Sociality

Federico Faggin, Physicist, The new generations of computers
Luisa Damiano, Philosopher, Univ. of Messina, On humanistic robotics
Coffee break
Franco Giovannelli, AF (Instituto Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali, Roma), Space missions: powerful tools for opening a multi-coloured window to the universe.
Ernesto Burgio, The new biology: From genetics to epigenetics and hologenomics
General discussion
Traditional night party

Saturday June 30

From spirituality to a new world’s vision

(in Todi in the main Sala del Consiglio)

9.00 -10.00
Kamran Mofid, Economist, Values to make the world great again: goodbye Neoliberalism, Hello common good.
participants inputs and remarks
Coffee break
Kamran Mofid, Brother David Steindl Rast, Pier Luigi Luisi (15 min. each) How do we see the future
The Cello of Barbara
Check-out and Farewell, dance with Irene Reintjens


After the presentation/interview of the workshop leaders in the first day, participants divide themselves at their choice into small groups (10-20 people). No jumping from one workshop to another. The workshops, which will be held in parallel as indicated below, take place in the afternoon and are distributed over three sections. The length of each workshop is indicated in parenthesis, where the number 1 indicates Sunday June 24, the number 2 indicates the following Monday, and so on; workshops end with Saturday June 30, number 7). The distribution is shown below, which however has an indicative value, in the sense that the workshop leaders will finally choose their proper place.

The plenary hall can be used as such, as Main Hall, or can be divided in more rooms, called here below as Hall 1 and Hall 2. Furthermore, on the same floor, there is the Sala Todi. The space in the garden is indicated as Outside. Additionally, shorter workshops will be available in the morning.

Morning session, waking practice
07.30 – 08.15
Meditation, with Franco Bertossa (1-7), Sala Todi

Non-dual Tantric Yoga, with Gioia Lussana (1-7), outside

Qigong with Mauro Bergonzi (6-7), outside.

Tai ji juan, with Amanda Carloni (5), outside

Paneurhythmy (meditation dance), with David Lorimer (1-7), outside

First afternoon session, theoretical work
15.00 – 16.15
The impact of C.G. Jung today, with Jörg Rasche (1-3), Sala Todi

Psychology in the working team, with Mirella Cleri (3-4), Hall 1

Cosmotheism: a transformative vision, with Hortense Reintjens (3-4), Hall 2

Psychodrama in our new world, with Ottavio Rosati (4-7), Outside

The self, the non-dualistic philosophy, eastern philosophy, with Bergonzi and Shantena(2-4), Main Hall

Coffee break

Second afternoon session, self-experience
17.00 – 18.15
Interpersonal and eco-systemic intelligences for managers and leaders, with Marinella De Simone & Dario Simoncini (1-7), Sala Todi

Transforming through breath, with Doris Lesser Stillwater/Michael Stillwater (1-7), Hall 1

Discovering yourself through Performing Arts, with Alok Ulaf (1-7), Outside

Uniting diversity in dance, with Irene Reintjens (1-5), Hall 2

Coffee break

Third afternoon session, creative practices
18.30- 19.45
Drumming, with Tony Majdalani (1-7), Outside

Calligraphy, with Shams Anwari Alhosseyni (1-7), Sala Todi

Inventing music, with John Wolf Brennan (1-7), Outside and/or Hall 2

The Buddha, the Brain, and Bach, with Cliff and Barbara Saron (1-5), Main Hall

Ateliers (begins at 15.00, till 16.15, but you can then come back any time when you feel free)

Painting together, with Marino Moretti (1-7), Outside

Carving and sculpturing alabaster, with Andrea Schneider (1-7), Outside