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Rocco Gaudenzi

Rocco Gaudenzi

Spiritual energy is a non-conserved quantity

Current Position
Co-founder at Scale Project, a startup based in Germany
Rocco has freshly received his PhD in Physics from TU Delft, Netherlands. His dissertation covered selected topics on quantum magnetism in molecules involving electron transport, superconductivity and thermodynamics of information. He had encountered physics already many years before, as a young boy, tinkering with engines: the first absolute love of his life. Inexplicably, he goes for a Classics major in high-school. Among ancient Greek and Latin, he is struck by the encounter with philosophy: his second stable lover. Tormented by the sense of guilt, he finds a mentor with whom to independently study physics. His soul is lit up again and, seized by the furor, he writes a Galilean dialogue based on Heisenberg’s Physics and Philosophy. In search for a broader prospective while studying physics at the University of Roma Tre, Rome, he attends, together with Francesca Vitalini and Matteo Allegretti (among the organisers), Professor Luisi’s course on the Emergence of Life. Owing to the Professor’s exceptional benevolence, the three are allowed to sneak in Cortona week – the ancestor of the present Todi week. Never before Rocco had experienced such a fruitful fusion between his two loves, science and humanities. Reborn, he continues his master and doctoral studies in physics at ETH Zurich and TU Delft. While life goes on between the lab and the papers, he fuels his passion for humanities by writing, during the night, and giving yearly lectures on various topics in a cosy little theatre of his home town. Since still desperately torn by the two flames, he is presently flirting with a third one: entrepreneurship. It seems, though, that he is still in search for the Dao.