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Preliminary Program

Please note that the titles of talks are provisional and will be given in their final version very soon. The list of invited speakers and workshops will be updated soon.


Lectures (in the morning)

Nora Bateson, Bateson Institute, showing and commenting her film about Gregory Bateson, her father

Tomas Bjorgman, Uppsala University, Sweden, conversation/workshop on “The market today and how to improve it”

De Simoni Marinella, Complexity Institute, Italy: “Working with complexity”

Susan Eirich, Earthfire institute, Idaho, USA, lecturing on “Unheard Invitations: All Life is Calling Us: Calling for Connection; Calling for Help”

Maneka Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University, member of parliament, lecturing  on “Compassion in economy- emotional intelligence in management

Gerald Pollack, University of Washington, “Water is even more central to life than you might have thought”

Francesco Grillo, Oxford and Boston University, lecturing on “The fall of liberal democracies and the rise of China: a theory of the 21st century?”

Roberto Ferrari interviewing Federico Faggin on “The meaning of consciousness”

Christen Soederberg, Circle Carbon Labs, Sweden and Spain, lecturing on “The ecology of soil”

Paolo Saraceno, physicist, Rome, on “Earth: Energy and environment problems”

Shantena Augusto Sabbadini, philosopher, Pari Center, Italy on “The world soul in the age of information”

Pending acceptance: Andrea Segrè, Stuart Kauffman

One slot for Flash Projects: here participants show their ideas on new projects


Workshops and/or conversations with participants (in the afternoon)

Shams Anwari Alhosseyni, University of Cologne, Germany, on Islamic calligraphy, every day

Agrawal Varun and Vasudeva Rao, Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata, India, morning yoga and meditation, every morning

Franco Bertossa, Aikido Master and founder of ASIA (Associazione spazio interiore ambiente), Bologna, “The discovery of Ki”, every day

Ernesto Burgio, Professor of Biology, University of Padova, conversation about genetics/epigenetics, three workshop units

Ferrari Roberto with Federico Faggin, conversation on their main lecture interview, one unit

Franco Giovannelli, Emeritus Senior Scientist at INAF, Istituto di Astrofisica e Planetologia Spaziali, Roma. Conversations on astrophysics and ethics, three units

Jorg Rasche, psychology coaching by appointment; and conversation on “The protest of young people in the streets”, three workshop units

Gerald Pollack, conversation on his lecture, one workshop unit

Tony Majdalani, musician, Zurich, workshop on drumming, every day

Marino Moretti, artist in Orvieto, Italy, with a workshop on ceramics, every day (Atelier)

Kamran Mofid, President GCGI, UK, students’ conversation/workshop on “Harnessing the economy of kindness” (three workshop units)

Hortense Reintjens, ethnologist and theologian, Köln, Germany, with a workshop “Nature and the Sacred”. three workshop units.

Irene Reintjens, artist in Italy, dance workshop, “Uniting Diversity in Dance”, five workshop units

Ottavio Rosati, psychodramatist, Rome, Italy, workshop on “Fashion as art, showing a video-movie about Roberto Capucci”, two workshop units

Andrea Schneider, artist in Zurich, with a workshop on sculpturing on marble, every day (atelier)

Renuka Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi India, with a workshop/conversation on women spirituality in India, one workshop unit

Doris Laesser Stillwater and Michael Stillwater, Helsinki, Finland: Transformational breathwork techniques (every day)


Flash Projects

Are you involved in some project of social interest that you wish to present at Cortona Week? Do so as part of the Flash Projects hour in the main presentation program. There will be about 6-7 of such presentations, each max. 7 minutes talk (possibility of a couple of slides) – whereby the limit of 7 minutes must be strictly observed. The corresponding abstract for your presentation can be even printed in the Cortona booklet.

Interested? Send your name and abstract to Luigi by the 31st of March (luisi@mat.ethz.ch)