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Welcome to Cortona Friends
Meet us in Todi, June 23-30 2018

In the spirit of the original Cortona-week,
let us keep the light alive.

The Cortona-week experiment was initiated in the far 1985 and held yearly till now, and be honour to the ETHZ as the unique school in the world to host and financially support something like that. However, the ETH direction decided to stop it after 2017. We, the Cortona-friends, decided that this was not the right moment to stop such an experience, whose main aim is the fostering of a new generation of world leaders. This goal is too important to be abandoned, particularly in this period of general political and moral instability. And we (the newly grounded association Cortona-friends) decided to continue the work.

Todi Week

The Todi-week is the sequel of the Cortona-week, an interdisciplinary residence where graduate students and young managers from all over the world and from all disciplines are “mixed” (in addition to several critical scientists) , with artists, musicians, spiritual leaders, poets, professionals in medicine and psychology, politicians.

The aim, with the help of world known professionals and even visionaries, is to open up the horizon of the participants to the values of ecology, ethics, tolerance, internal introspection- and to the actual new frontiers of science, literature, art, economy – the full display of human experience – where life becomes a system view of interacting parts – and not an addition of single isolated domains.

We work together in round table discussions, lectures and with experiential workshops, where the participants can paint, do sculpture or music, meditation, theatre… choosing by themselves which aspects of life are more important for their own life equilibrium.

APPLY for the Todi-week 2018

Deadline for registration is 30th April 2018

percent of occupancy : 64%
out of a total of maximal 120 participants

Silent Meditation

We’ll greet every day by sitting together in silence, upright, aimless. Before we let the mind become engaged and active, and before we enter the busy world, we appreciate a taste of un-business, of open space. It’s good to start the day by stopping for a while.

Vanja Palmers

Culture Jazz

En 2012, le pianiste écossais John Wolf Brennan, le percussionniste et vocaliste palestinien Tony Majdalaniet le guitariste calabrais Marco Jencarelli s’étaient réunis autour d’un projet « Pilgrims » très élaboré, ambitieux et original (cf. Culturejazz « C’était en 2013 : 3e séance de rattrapage »06/02/2014). Il a fallu cinq ans pour que ces trois musiciens installés e